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We hope that when booking your holiday accommodations in Dubrovnik this will help you decide what to do and see in this majestic city. Don’t be confused when booking your Dubrovnik accommodation; know exactly where you are staying and what’s around you. Whether you are looking to be in the middle of it all or prefer a more peaceful area has exactly what you are looking for.

Dubrovnik has quickly become one of the most saught after places to see in the world. The beautiful city of Dubrovnik will astonish any tourist who comes to explore it. When coming to Dubrovnik there are so many must sees in this town that you could spend weeks here and never tire of the beauty. Whether you are walking the wall, that will be sure to have some of the best views of the Adriatic Sea, walking the cobble stone streets of Dubrovnik, or swimming in the sparkling blue sea, your stay here is sure to be memorable.When exploring Old Town Dubrovnik be sure to walk up and down the ally ways of town. You will find many restaurants and shops but mostly it's a great way to see the town from a different perspective. Dubrovnik is truly the paradise that everyone is looking for


Read our detailed explanation of the suburbs and towns and find the perfect accommodation in Dubrovnik. 
Many of the accommodations offered through are luxurious four and five star properties. Besides hotels, Dubrovnik has many private accommodations, including apartments and villas. There are accommodations available throughout Dubronvik and the surrounding areas. Finding the perfect holiday rental in Dubrovnik for you and your family won't be a problem! 


 Dubrovnik Old Town

dubrovnik old town

                                      Dubrovnik old town

Old Town Dubrovnik is quite a site to see no matter what time of year you decide to visit. In the summer the citiy is alive with tourists of all ages. Thousands of people walk through the city each day and are captivated by it's beauty. When visiting Old Town Dubrovnik be sure to walk the wall and enjoy the spectacular views of the city and sea. In the evening enjoy a cool drink at one of the cafe bars on the Stradun in Old Town and watch the people as they make their way out for the evening.


While there are many popular areas in which to stay when visiting Dubrovnik, many people think that the only place to stay is "Old Town". Old Town Dubrovnik apartments are a wonderful place to stay if you are interested in being in the middle of the action all of the time. Old Town Dubrovnik is filled with small apartments that are located within the ancient walls. This is very attractive to visitors who love an active night life and lots of excitement. A word of advice for those who are considering staying in Old Town Dubrovnik. While there are luxury hotels and many apartments in Old Town Dubrovnik to choose from, Old Town does not allow vehicles within the wall which means that if you are driving then parking might be an issue. There are also thousands of stairs within the wall and most of the private accommodations are located in the ally ways of Old Town and most likely you will be walking up quite a few steps to get to your holiday rental in Dubrovnik. Lastly, Old Town Dubrovnik has quite a night life, especially in the summer. The bars typically stay open until the wee hours of the morning. If you are looking for something a little quieter than this might not be the perfect place to stay.  

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    Dubrovnik Ploce                                                 

view of hotel excelsior

                                     Ploce and hotel Excelsior

Dubrovnik Ploce is a suburb of Dubrovnik. It's located close enough to Old Town and people can easily walk into the city from Ploce. It's a quieter place as it is mostly residential.  People can easliy walk down to the beach and swim in the warm Adriatic Sea all day long. Ploce accommodations are very elite and this little suburb is filled with beautiful holiday rental apartments with breath taking views of the sea. There are also two five star hotels, Hotel Excelsior and Hotel Argentina. Each of these hotels is located right on the water. For those who wish to stay in the most exquisite villa in Dubrovnik, you will want to choose Seherezada which is located right on the water in Ploce. Most of the holiday accommodations are going to require you to go up and down some stairs, but you can definitely find those holiday rentals that have no stairs. Parking in Dubrovnik can be a bit difficult in the summer, but many of the holiday rentals in Dubrovnik have parking.  

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Dubrovnik Pile

Pile and hotel Hilton

                                 Old Town Pile and hotel Hilton 

Dubrovnik-Pile is just outside of the West Gate of Old Town Dubrovnik. Private accommodations as well as the Hotel Hilton are located only a short five minute walk from the center of the city.  Pile has many restaurants as well as bars and night clubs where young people can dance into the early morning.  It is also the meeting place for many tours such as walking tours, bus tours, kayaking etc. All of the local buses as well as the tour buses for the surrounding areas are stationed here.  Pile is surrounded by the beautiful Park Gradac and Lovrijenac castle. In the summer time this area can be quite busy and might overwhelm the first time visitor. The cafe bar Dubravka is a fantastic place to sit and look out at the beautiful Adriatic Sea. If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, there are kayaking tours available throughout the season. There are several kayaking companies around the area, but Adriatic Kayaking Tours is one of the top companies for kayaking. Their guides are trained and know the area quite well. There tours take you to the neighboring islands and up the coast. It's fun for everyone no matter what the age. If you are interested in going on a kayaking tour please visit  

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 Dubrovnik Lapad

beautiful lapad peninsula 

                                       Beautiful Lapad Peninsula

Another very beautiful region of Dubrovnik, is the peninsula area of Lapad. This region tends to be overlooked by many visitors because it is not within walking distance of Old Town. However, it is only ten minutes by bus and is surrounded by beaches, serene wooded areas and less expensive hotels and private accommodations. Many hotels are located in this area. Parking your vehicle is a little easier in Lapad since it's an area less visited by tourists. 

You have a choice of many budget hotels that are located right on the water. The luxury Palace Hotel Dubrovnik is one of the best known hotels in Croatia and your stay is sure to be unforgettable as it is surrounded by the sea and pine woods and offers guests privacy and relaxation.

Uvala Lapad is a long quiet road that is lined with cafe bars. The cafe bars are visited by many of the locals and tend to be a little cheaper then the cafe bars in Dubrovnik. People can sit and drink their coffee or cold drink or you can walk down the quiet road and go to the beach where you can swim in the Adriatic Sea all day. 

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Dubrovnik Surrounding areas

If you are a visitor that enjoys more peace and quiet and does not mind driving into town, we suggest staying the beautiful areas of Zaton, Orasac, or Peljesac to the North and Mlini, Plat, Cavtat, and Konavle to the South. There are also many islands that are easily accessible by ferry such as Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan, Mljet or Korcula.


Resort town of Cavtat 

Resort town of Cavtat


Cavtat is another small resort town. It has many restaurants and cafe bars that are quite good and have a great view of the sea. It attracts many of the mega yachts that visit the region each summer. It's quieter and a bit cheaper than Dubrovnik and a short fifteen minute drive to Old Town Dubrovnik.

Cavtat has some very nice hotels such as: Hotel Croatia which is 5 stars and sits on the top of the hill with astonishing views of Cavtat and the sea. This hotel is very popular with business travelers and holds many business seminars and meetings. Some of the other nicer hotels are: Hotel Albatros, Epidaurus and Hotel Cavtat.  All of the hotels in Cavtat have their own beaches and have amazing views of the Sea and town. There are also a wide range of apartments and private accommodations in Cavtat if guests prefer not to be in a hotel. Cavtat is very beautiful and has a lot to offer visitors who would like to be away from Old town Dubrovnik.

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Dubrovnik Konavle

Konavle is the region most South from Dubrovnik and borders Montenegro. It is about thirty minutes from Dubrovnik and is known for its vineyards and beautiful Tuscany like setting. Like Tuscany, it is developing a reputation for its secluded villas with pools. The town is buried in the hills of Croatia and many of the private accommodations for rent in Konavle have spectacular views of the valleys below as well as the Adriatic Sea. There are plenty of activities to do in Konavle, including walking through hills and valleys, horseback riding, wine tasting, or going over to Molunat to swim. Many visitors who come to this region love the peace and tranquility that Konavle offers. There are many private accommodations in Konavle that can be rented throughout the season. Most of these accommodations are luxury villas that sit in the beautiful hills of Konavle. If you decide to stay in Konavle you will leave feeling absolutely rejuvenated. 


Dubrovnik is a vacation destination that offers a wide variety of choices to all its visitors

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